Customer Experiences That Pay Dividends

Acoustic Marketing Cloud is a sophisticated yet simple omnichannel platform that helps you get closer to your banking customers across complex digital channels.


Banks Should Personalize Across the Lifecycle and On All Touchpoints

This Forrester report outlines why deepening customer engagement is key to personalization. Banks may not be thinking about personalization in its broadest sense--to their detriment. Digital-first consumers expect relevant, frictionless experiences.

Orchestrate seamless, personalized customer journeys through email, SMS, and social media to increase trust, build loyalty, and drive revenue growth.

Growth-minded retail bank brands are using Acoustic Marketing Cloud to exceed their growth and retention goals by meeting current and prospective customer demand for more personalized experiences with relevant communication and meaningful interaction:


your brand promise with seamless online and offline experience journeys as consumers interact with your products and services.


the consumer digital experience in real time based on their behaviors to reduce churn and keep them coming back for more.


personalization to bridge loyalty across your financial product & services portfolio by connecting customer data to engage them from graduation to first car to first home, and beyond.

Case Study

Digital Payments

Leveraging the actionable insights provided by Acoustic, the customer was able to finally gain visibility into their customer experience challenges across their digital touchpoints. By gaining insight into all transaction experiences, behaviors, and intent, the customer saved millions of dollars in conversions.

Keeping the pain out of payments

Acoustic Products In Action:Tealeaf
PayPal boasts more than 260 million active accounts but lacked visibility into their customer experience issues.
The company deployed a customer experience analytics solution—Tealeaf by Acoustic—to gain the visibility it needed to find, visualize, and define customer experience issues and correct struggles or obstacles quickly.
With Acoustic, PayPal was able to gain insight into all transaction experiences to proactively identify and resolve issues.
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A Customer-First Approach

  • Understand the customer’s path to deposit or loan
  • Drill down on audience traits like demographics, profile, and behavior information
  • Build the right content and message that resonates across channels
  • Gain access to the behavior that uncovers actionable customer insights
  • See in real-time which experiences lead to lost opportunities and digital churn

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