Tealeaf by Acoustic

Prioritize your customer experience efforts with more speed and accuracy.

Real-time digital experience insights that answer your specific customer behavior questions.


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Minimize your behavioral insights gap with Tealeaf

Tealeaf by Acoustic is a data analytics solution for digital experience teams to reduce the behavioral insights gap left by web analytics and other data visualization tools. Tealeaf captures every customer’s view and actions and analyzes them to help you understand the reasons behind their behaviors in real-time. The solution helps answer your specific questions, drives data-driven actions, exposes unknown problems, and alerts you when a digital experience is broken before it becomes a business issue.

The only solution that captures and measures all custom experience data, providing the enterprise with deeper analysis to drive the business forward faster and more effectively.



See the customer’s experience from their point of view

Not all experiences are alike. Every single customer experience is different. Go beyond traditional web analytics and understand why your customer or user didn’t purchase or convert, at any point in the customer journey by seeing what they are experiencing from their point of view.


Spend less time looking for the issue

Reduce time and resources searching for broken experiences and issues and stop watching irrelevant session replays. Tealeaf highlights user struggles and alerts you when your behavior KPIs are not where they should be, so you can spend less time searching for the issue and more time providing a resolution.


Prioritize fixes with the biggest ROI

Quickly prioritize your most urgent experience issues by quantifying customer frustration, user struggles, and system anomalies and fix them before it minimizes your bottom line.

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243%Return on Investment

See investment payback in 6 months

Start building your business for a higher degree of customer insight and improve your understanding of how customers interact with your business

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